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What’s The Difference Between A Normal And A Sports Massage?

Have sore muscles or a kink in your neck that you want massaged out?

If you’re an athlete, you probably get massages often to help with your performance. But even if you’re not, a regular old back massage wouldn’t be too bad. You’ll be able to relax your body from the stress of work, school, kids, or even life in general.

But what’s the difference between a normal and a sports massage?

Here are 3 reasons why your body would need a sports massage over normal massage

#1. You’re injured

If your body has suffered soft-tissue injuries due to strenuous physical activity and you have sprains or strains — you need a professional sports massage.

The benefits of a sports massage include physical and physiological effects. It helps with blood flow and lymphatic fluids, improves scar tissue, and speeds up the recovery of any injured part of your body.


#2. You’re an athlete

Is intense physical activity a part of your daily life? 

Want to increase your performance, endurance, and flexibility?

A sports massage will help increase your range of motion and improve your performance in many other aspects related to sports.

If you are preparing for a competition and want to perform at your best — a sports massage will help reduce fatigue before the competition and relieve tension and muscle swelling. This means, it’ll be easier for you to do your best and crush the competition.


#3. You want a combination of techniques to be applied

A sports massage combines Swedish, Shiatsu, and multiple other techniques to bring you the best performance boosts possible.

These techniques are then concentrated on areas that are related to your sport.

Sessions vary depending on the individual, the sports you participate in, and the physiology of your body. 

Regular sessions of sports massages will compound the benefits you see.


When you should get a regular massage:

Do you want a way to relax and relieve anxiety?

For most people, a regular massage is the right choice. A normal massage will help you with relaxation and can involve scented candles, aromatherapy, and relaxation music.

The main goal of a normal massage is to relax and loosen up your body.

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