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Neck Pain And Myotherapy Tips

Myotherapy adopts a few tactics to assist with shoulder and neck pain. Typically, Myotherapy reaches deep into the muscles of your shoulders, neck, and the back and front of your upper spine that we identify as tight.


When it comes to the myotherapy neck massage, the therapist pay’s more attention to the deeper layers of your muscle tissue, working deeper sections of thick muscles, particularly individual muscle fibres. Deep tissue’s primary role is to unstick the muscles’ fibres, as well as to release deeply held tension points and toxins. 


To create a response to different tissues, there is the implementation of certain strokes and hand positions. What’s more, there is the utilisation of a combination of movement and breathing tactics to release muscular congestion. 

In general, here are some of the ways deep tissue massages can be helpful:

– Loosening muscle tissues

– Ensuring oxygen and blood are circulating properly

– Releasing toxins from muscles

The effectiveness of deep tissue massage in reducing neck pain

You end up breaking up tiny adhesions as you work along a particular muscle, and this can contribute to tightness. Furthermore, you are dealing with the fascia around that muscle, which, if shortened, results in the muscles feeling tight. Usually, necks respond well to this sort of treatment. All of the nerves that work to innervate your arms are around your upper back and neck. Therefore, it can be an effective addition to loosen off these muscles during a remedial massage treatment for shoulders and neck. 

Other Additions with Myotherapy Techniques

– Trigger point therapy. It mainly focuses on finding certain points in the muscle of your shoulders and neck that have a strong, palpable node. To loosen the muscle, we put pressure onto these specific areas. 

– Joint Mobilisation. Your neck and upper back’s joints can often be stiff. Moving these underlying structures can not only assist in improving how you feel but can also improve your neck’s overall range of motion.

– Assisted Stretching & Muscle Energy Techniques (METs). It’s a requirement to train remedial massage therapists in effective stretching and MET’s of the shoulders and neck. They can also help in muscle tightness and improving joints’ range of motion.

A myotherapy session is essentially an effective tool in the treatment of shoulder and neck tightness. The first step is to know the reason why your shoulders and neck are getting tight, then addressing those underlying factors and giving you short-term relief. 


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