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FAQs About Massages and Myotherapy Treatments and COVID-19 Safety

This pandemic has been so stressful! It’s no wonder you are considering relaxing with a
massage or treating yourself to a Myotherapy session. While dedicating time to
self-care can help tame some of your pandemic stress and anxiety, your health and safety
should always be a top priority. Northern Sports and Remedial Myotherapy invites to consider
these best practices for COVID safety and stress relief before you make an appointment.

How Can Massage and Myotherapy be Safe During A Pandemic?

You can’t practice social-distancing and get a massage at the same time, but there are
precautions you and your therapist can take to keep each other safe during treatments:

● First, you should know that most experts agree that unless it’s for a serious health issue,
getting a massage or indulging in other self-care services isn’t worth it right now

● If you need pain relief right away, ask the experts at Northern Sports and Remedial
Myotherapy about their COVID-19 practices.

● You should also ask your therapist or beauty technician about cleaning procedures used
to sanitize surfaces and any tools used in-between clients.

● Last but certainly not least, if you have a pre-existing condition that puts you at a higher
risk for COVID-19 complications, you should think twice before booking a treatment.

Are There Other Ways to Practice Self-Care?

If you don’t feel comfortable getting a massage, know that there are alternative ways
to get the stress relief you need:
● You can save yourself a lot of worry and stress by recognizing the importance of self-
care during this crisis and knowing that self-care is never selfish.

● Negative energy in your home can lead to increased feelings of stress, so begin your
self-care routine by decluttering and cleaning to clear that bad energy out.

● Once you have your home under control, it’s time to turn your attention to the basic self-
care practices you need to thrive and survive during the pandemic.

● As part of your self-care routines, you should make it a point to stay physically active by
following along with online yoga and exercise videos.

● Finally, you can add tension-reducing supplements like CBD to ease pain and anxiety or you can use these products to relax your muscles if you do get a massage.

Whether you book a massage or wait until things calm down again is totally up to you. The most
important thing is that you stay safe and healthy. So weigh the pros and cons of professional
services carefully, ask plenty of questions before you book, and when in doubt, stick to
practicing the self-care you need in the comfort of your own home.

If you have questions or concerns please contact us.  Contact Northern Sports Myotherapy today to book a session!

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