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Matthew Fraser is a massage and myotherapy specialist based in Bundoora, Victoria. Matthew graduated from MIMT (Melbourne Institute of Massage Therapy & Myotherapy) with Diplomas in both Remedial Massage and Myotherapy, and also has Sports Training and Pregnancy Massage qualifications. Since graduation, Matthew has created Northern Sports and Remedial Myotherapy, using the skills and hands-on experience built up over several years.

With a sporting background and an interest in Baseball in particular, Matthew got into myotherapy as a way to help fellow teammates prevent and recover from injuries – shoulder and ROM issues especially. He then worked as a sports trainer for Taylors Lakes Football Club, and remains passionate about helping people maintain great performance and a high quality of life without pain or injury. Myotherapy techniques focus on releasing muscles, improving blood flow and increasing ROM, and in your sessions you’ll work with Matthew to find the therapy method that’s best suited to your needs.

Northern Sports and Remedial Myotherapy is open to people of all ages and activity levels, from teenagers to the elderly. Whether you’re a top athlete who needs to be in peak physical condition, you’re wanting to stay mobile well into old age, or you just need a pain relief solution for chronic pain, Matthew can help. Get in touch today for a friendly chat and to book a session.

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Our Services Victoria’s Pain and Injury Specialist

  • Emergency Care


    Myotherapy can help improve the integrity of the soft tissue structures of your body (muscles, fascia, ligaments and tendons), which is important in the prevention of injury and dysfunction.

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  • Emergency Care

    Remedial Massage

    Remedial massage is a clinical and hands on approach to soft tissue therapy dysfunction or damage.

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  • Emergency Care

    Relaxation Massage

    Relaxation massage helps to de-stress and loosen up your body and is ideal for those who have had a hard week as well as those in search of some overdue TLC.

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  • Emergency Care

    Sports Massage

    Sports massage is not only for elite athletes. This form of massage stretches tight muscles, stimulates inactive muscles and promotes a healthy body.

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  • “The therapist was very skilled and knowledgeable. He knows what he is doing, and it is really helping my recovery.”

    Eliza Kernan
  • “I started developing serious pain around my knee after intense training, but after just a session of sports massage I can feel it getting better. The massage really does wonders for me, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who’s doing regular training.”

    Lilly Murphy
  • “It was a massage therapy that I didn’t know I needed. I’m completely blown away by the techniques and expertise of the therapist. My body feels lighter and my mind feels free. Definitely recommend the extended session!”

    Jennifer Phillips
  • “I just had the best relaxation massage ever! It was a session of absolute relaxation and now I feel so much better. My mood is completely lifted, I can think more clearly and I feel like a better version of myself. Thank you for the lovely service, I’ll definitely book in for more sessions!”

    Ken Hyung
  • “I have been receiving the extended therapy and the results are incredible. My pain is relieved, my body feels light, and I sleep so much better at night. Definitely recommend booking in for a remedial massage!”

    Amalia Ferrerer
  • “Hands down the best remedial massage I have received so far! Just after one standard session, my lower back feels so much lighter and better. The therapist has so much knowledge about the topic and really steered me in the right direction.”

    Sue Ngyuen
  • “I was reluctant to see a myotherapist at the start, but Matt completely changed my mind. He is very friendly, knowledgeable and professional. He is able to pin-point my problem and provide a treatment plan that is really working. The results are starting to show after just two sessions!”

    Tim Mallory
  • “Matt is a true professional! After taking my history, he knew exactly what the problem was and worked his magic to alleviate the pain in my neck. My neck now feels much lighter. He even provided me with a list of easy home exercises to manage the pain if it starts to flare up again. Highly recommend seeing Matt!

    Robin Mersin

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